The Health Foundation

Posters and campaign design for Hepatitis B & C awareness in Lahore, Pakistan. A small non-profit with limited resources tackles an enormous public health crisis. Our work is a scalable graphic approach that extends to The Health Foundation’s many audiences at low cost.


The Health Foundation is a Pakistani non-profit that provides awareness and treatment for Hepatitis B and C. These diseases are at epidemic levels in the country, affecting an estimated 18 million people. But Hepatitis finds little space in public discourse.

We worked with the Health Foundation’s Lahore chapter to develop a new campaign.

Our primary goal was to make the prevalence and potentially fatal nature of Hepatitis better understood. But this campaign also needed to recommend quick actions that could be taken to prevent the deadly effects of Hepatitis.

The end result is not simply a set of posters, but a visual identity and an extensible design language that can be expanded by the organization to meet changing local needs.


To develop our approach, we studied previously successful public health campaign in Pakistan, and found precedent in a recent awareness drive against dengue fever. Compared to Hepatitis, Dengue affected a much smaller number of people, but widespread knowledge of how the disease spreads and its effects led to swift public and private action that successfully curtailed its impact.

Hepatitis requires much larger, more pervasive initiatives to combat, but we used the success of the simple communication in the dengue campaign to build our own approach. Combined with insights from behavioral economics we developed a set of posters that breaks down the magnitude of Hepatitis’ impact into digestible amounts of information.

A series of advertisements raising awareness of Dengue fever and how to prevent its spread Courtesy the Government of the Punjab and the City District Government of Lahore.

A series of advertisements raising awareness of Dengue fever and how to prevent its spread
Courtesy the Government of the Punjab and the City District Government of Lahore.


The numbers that describe the spread of Hepatitis B and C in Pakistan are staggering. However if presented all at once, they leave the audience numb. We broke this information down, not just making each poster more impactful but also allowing the creation of a wealth of campaign material.


We are also focusing very much on what Hepatitis can do to a patient.

Research in behavioral economics has shown how making the effects of a threat more vivid encourage action. And we also end each poster with a direct action that the reader can take to address the threat we have highlighted. This leads to more successful awareness and better engagement with donation, vaccination and treatment.


Our visuals are context sensitive, reusable, and extensible. The Health Foundation’s needs in the field change fast, and field workers will need to develop new messages quickly. So we designed these posters with a systematic grid layout such that the campaign can be easily grown, and messages can be mixed and matched both online and in physical space.

These are designed to work in both English and Urdu, and can easily be extended to other regional languages as well. Good stock photography can be an issue in Pakistan, especially one that is representative of the local population. This is also makes it harder to create a consistent visual brand. So we use hand drawings that can be extended and replaced easily. Of course photos can be added when needed.

We continue to work with The Health Foundation to assess the use and impact of this campaign. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.